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Excel Podiatry are able to offer various treatment modalities to help you get back to your best. No two people are the same and as a result everybody has to have their treatment tailored to suit them.

Once the problem has been identified through a thorough biomechanical assessment we will be able to start developing a treatment plan for you. It is often thought that podiatrists just issue orthoses or insoles, while this is a major treatment option that will be beneficial for some people they certainly aren’t required for everyone.

Due to the sedentary nature of many of our jobs now it is easy to have inactive or tight muscles, part of any treatment will usually involve issuing various stretching and strengthening exercises. These weaknesses can quite easily be the cause of compensation, we often find someone who has weakness around the pelvis starts developing problems in the foot.

Manual techniques can be very beneficial in aiding recovery from an injury, whether it be an ankle sprain or chronic heel pain, hands on treatment can quicken the time to healing. At Excel podiatry we can offer a variety of techniques including dry needling, soft tissue manipulation and foot mobilisation techniques.

For those that require orthoses we are able to offer these to our patients. From off the shelf devices to fully bespoke we can help select the right device for you.

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Podiatry Services

  • Full History – A detailed history is the most important part of an assessment. Often the clinician can have a good idea of what is wrong before examining the patient. D...

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  • Joint Mobilisation Joint mobilisation is a manual therapy which involves passively moving joints in the body. The aim is to help improve joint mobility and pain. After in...

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  • The gait analysis is an important part of the clinician’s assessment. By viewing you in motion we are able to see if there are any abnormal movements that could be con...

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  • Correct footwear is an extremely important consideration when taking up any sport. The shoes must be comfortable for the individual but also be suitable for the environm...

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  • Orthoses are devices (similar to insoles) that can be placed in your footwear. The aim of the orthoses is to change the distribution of weight/balance through your body, ...

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  • After the assessment has been carried out we may have noted areas of muscle imbalance, tightness or weakness. We will help combat this by giving you a specific set of exe...

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