Orthoses are devices (similar to insoles) that can be placed in your footwear. The aim of the orthoses is to change the distribution of weight/balance through your body, reducing the stresses that are being placed on parts of the body that are injured and redistributing them in a way that will aid healing.

Orthoses can help alleviate pain and discomfort, they can provide extra shock absorbency for active patients and help to redistribute pressure across the foot. Orthoses are prescription devices that are designed for your foot alone, they will have been altered to work best with your biomechanics and provide you with the control and function you need.

At Excel Podiatry we use a variety of orthoses ranging from ‘off the shelf’ devices that can be customised by making slight additions, through to bespoke tailored devices that are made by taking an individual cast of your foot. We will assess you and determine what will be the best solution for you. While some people need custom devices some people may not need anything, after an assessment we can discuss this with you.