Correct footwear is an extremely important consideration when taking up any sport. The shoes must be comfortable for the individual but also be suitable for the environment they are being put through.

The sports footwear industry is a very large market and as result there is a lot of information regarding which shoes you should be wearing. The running shoe market in particular has lots of differing opinions; should you be in a “support shoe” or a “neutral shoe.” Some shoes are designed for pronated feet, while others are designed for supinated feet.

We can help choose the right pair of shoes for you, we can discuss the width and overall fit of the shoe and give advice regarding different manufacturers. The right pair of shoes can go a long way to helping in your activity whereas the wrong shoes can cause problems.

Excel Podiatry have strong links with various sports/running shops and can give you advise regarding the type of shoe that would be best suited for your foot.